Storytelling workshop with the Bedouins of the Sinai desert in Egypt

Join Wideoyster photographer Frits Meyst on assignment

Photography: Frits Meyst

In 7 days, Frits will teach you the ins and outs of travel photography. You will learn about composition and light and especially about visual storytelling techniques: How do you create a good story with your images.

With your participation you support the Sinai Trail, a community based tourism project that focuses on preserving Bedouin culture. Through small scale hiking tourism the Sinai Trail creates income for local communities. The young generation therefore does not have to move to the city for their livelyhood. By working in the desert, the knowledge and the rich Bedouinculture is passed on to the new generations

Trek together with the Bedouins through the mountains of the Sinai desert and discover their hospitality

You will work together with Frits and the other participants on telling the story of the Sinai Trail, a hiking trail through the mountains that connects 8 different Bedouin Tribes. As you are actively involved with the production, you learn how a story is made. The end result of this production, a multimedia story, will be published in WideOyster Magazine.

Hike through the spectacular landscapes of the Sinai Trail

Work together with Frits Meyst on a real production and learn how to tell a story through images

Support the Sinai Trail with your images and who knows, maybe YOUR images will be selected for Wideoyster Magazine

Dive deep into the Bedouin culture and experience their hospitality

You have a passion for photography

You love a good mountain hike

You enjoy diving into other cultures

You always talk about your adventures


LAND: Egypt - Sinai Desert - Sinai Trail

FEE: 8 Days for €1749 per person

PERIOD: 4th tot 11th December 2018

WHAT: Visual storytelling workshop

WHY: Hiking through great landscapes - Meet the locals - Your story in Wideoyster - support the Bedouins